The Process

You’ll find lots of examples of our work on the internet… we advertise on several selling platforms (Etsy, NOTHS, Vinterior etc) … pretty much every item on these sites was commissioned by a client sometime in the past and they are not being held in a huge warehouse waiting to be sold (despite all these selling sites saying they are!)… we photograph many of our commissions before they leave our workshop, or once we install them so we can list them online. We hope by doing this people can be inspired by what we’ve done, see what is doable, understand what the scale of the pieces can be and how much things cost. We can produce duplicates of anything you see, but more excitingly, we can also make any changes new clients would like because WE DESIGN AND MAKE EVERYTHING TO ORDER !

If you have seen something you like but it’s not quite right for your space, no problem, just get in touch and we’ll discuss the changes you’d like and work out a price for you.

If you would like something quite different to anything we’ve previously done we may not be able to communicate effectively with just words, so that’s when we get visual… it generally helps if you can send photos and sketches so we can understand what you need and where it’s going…

If you’re not quite sure what you would like, we can create pinterest boards with ideas

… and/or send sketches of ideas to you…

If you’d prefer we can come and meet you at your site or we can get there virtually via technology !

Once you are happy with the outline of the design and the price we ask for a 50% deposit and once this is received your are booked in to our production schedule, digital artwork is prepared and material samples are sent to you.

If you want to make any changes to the design or finishes we can amend the artwork as many times as you would like… if the changes mean the price is affected the final instalment will be amended accordingly.

Once we’ve completed the building of your commission we send photos for approval so you can make the final payment before we despatch it.