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As we’ve grown we’ve been frequently approached to create traditionally constructed cabinets and furniture pieces. This is a far less straight forward process when using non-traditional materials (that’s an understatement – no reclaimed plank is ever the same thickness, depth, age, texture or colour as another), every board has its own unique character. At Urban Grain we have perfected the taming of these raw materials to create stunning, functional furniture. To inquire further about cabinets and storage pieces, feel free to send a message with your request.We’ve sprinkled a few visuals below, but view our full back catalogue of storage solutions in our Etsy Shop.


Media Units and Storage Benches:


Open Wardrobes:


Multi-Use Shelving and Storage Systems:


Chests of Drawers and Dressers:


Sideboards, Wardrobes and Cabinets:


Don’t hesitate to enquire about new possibilities, we relish the opportunity to explore new designs and constructions. Contact us here for a tailored quote, find previous shelving solutions in our Etsy Shop.