Terms and Conditions


To place an order, or to discuss ideas, clients can contact us by email, or by telephone + 44 (0) 790 380 0372

If clients can’t find exactly what they are looking for in our shop, or if they find something you like, but want different dimensions, finishes etc, we urge making contact with us to discuss ideas… we can usually make anything and we respond to all our emails on a daily basis, includingweekends.

All quotations for work are valid for a period of 30 days.

All quotations are given and all orders are accepted on the terms and conditions communicated here.  All orders/instructions given by the client shall be deemed to be made subject to these terms and conditions.

Measuring Up

It is very important that clients measure carefully the space where their commissioned furniture is going to go, as well as the access route to it – Narrow doorways, staircases and tight corners can make it impossible to deliver pieces if these issues have not been factored in to the design process – we can generally design commissions in such a way that they can be made and delivered in pieces and assembled easily by our clients in situ, if there are access and or/weight restrictions.  We urge all our clients to check these details carefully in advance of placing their order since we cannot issue refunds if we deliver the items and we cannot transport them to your desired location, or that they do not fit.

It’s also very important that clients think about other factors which could affect the smooth installation of their pieces, eg skirting boards, window sills, uneven walls/ceilings/floors etc… We are always happy to help clients through the measuring up process and find Skype a really useful tool, but we cannot take ultimate, overall responsibility for mistakes unless we are employed to carry out an on site survey.  The prices for surveys depend on where our clients live, when they need to be carried out, if we have any employees in the area etc… we endeavour to carry out all our work as cost effectively for our clients as possible.

Quality and Guarantees

All our products come with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE unless they have been damaged due to exposure to sunlight or extreme changes in temperature, or damaged by a third party.

Unless otherwise specified, all timber is reclaimed pine scaffolding board from local scaffolding yards which has been deemed no longer suitable for use on a building site because it has become weakened and therefore not safe for workmen to walk on.  It would be sent to landfill if it could not be sold to companies like us, so it is a really eco-friendly raw material in that sense.

Our wood has some character and soul to it, there is variation in the colour of the boards and some are lighter or a bit darker. All pieces are unique and will vary slightly in character and colour from the photographs online and even to the samples sent prior to production.

The boards have varying degrees of wear and tear from their years spent on building sites… they have unique character and we generally do not use a 4-sided planer or mill the wood to remove the original salvaged patina on the wood and make the surface look perfect and square on all edges (unless specified). Clients’ furniture will contain some of the following characteristics… nail holes, saw marks, stains, paint, metal banding, rust stains (basically all the characteristics and evidence of being authentic reclaimed scaffolding board really!) and natural curves and bowing in the wood. We select and finish boards in a relevant way to their end use eg we sand boards to a high level to create functional smooth writing, dining, or seating surfaces whilst maintaining their original aged aesthetic as much as possible or supply almost as it comes from the yard (minus the dirt of course), however, if the boards are to be used for shelves or cabinets which aren’t likely to be touched often we select more rugged planks and don’t finish them to the same level unless our clients request us to. We, of course, never use really badly damaged or bowed pieces which would affect an end products overall performance…

* Unless a client completes our “Client Questionnaire” which enquires as to which aesthetics of the timber they like and/or don’t like, we assume free reign to select and use wooden boards as we see fit and depending on the stock of boards we have in at the time… it is the responsibility of the client to request the above mentioned characteristics be included, exaggerated, removed or reduced *

The scaffolding companies we source our boards from are members of the NASC (National Access & Scaffolding Confederation) and are also accredited by, ACHILLES BUILDING CONFIDENCE, LINK-UP, CHAS, CONSTRUCTIONLINE and SAFE CONTRACTOR. Therefore they are subject to the most vigorous inspections and annual accreditation. All of this means that our clients can have total peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that all of our boards are in line with the legislation issued by the HSE in relation to toxins which could contaminate the boards whilst on certain sites.  All boards are high pressure washed if they return to the yard with any evidence of toxins attached – eg paint, concrete, adhesives etc.  Our suppliers do not work on any sites which contain asbestos.

We also wash down the boards and then dry them out until they reach a moisture content of around 10% so it is suitable for the production of cabinetry in domestic environments.

Our pine is a natural material and may display various marks and characteristics such as knots, cracks, grain variation, colour variations etc. These are natural, and deemed by many, desirable features which demonstrate the individuality of the wood and will not affect the durability or performance of the furniture in any way.  As each tree is unique, natural markings vary from tree to tree resulting in some timbers with no markings and others with some.

Our handmade furniture is unique, as such; colouring and grain patterns will vary from piece to piece, with no two pieces being exactly the same.

As mentioned above, wood is affected by heat and moisture. A hot dry environment will cause wood to shrink, whilst a damp environment will cause it to swell. Knots, cracks, drying shakes and movement are inherent characteristics of natural timber and are not considered a fault in the wood or our workmanship. We cannot be held responsible for movement in your furniture caused by exposure to extremes of temperature, such as next to a radiator or exposed to direct sunlight or by an unnaturally dry atmosphere caused by under-floor heating. Exposure to these changes may cause some shrinking and splitting – which we regret we cannot accept as reason for refund.  We only use wood which has an acceptable moisture content for domestic furniture manufacture and would of course accept responsibility for any changes if the furniture was not exposed to extremes.

The boards are never square or flat… they are twisted and bowed in all directions possible… If we have any severely warped or bowed boards we reject them, we work to tolerances of up to 1.5cm/linear meter length… if we didn’t, we simply couldn’t do what we do because this is the nature of the boards and we can’t take new/perfect wood and re-create the aged, distressed aesthetic which these boards have…

Care has been taken to ensure that all dimensions listed in our shop are as accurate as possible.

If furniture has been ordered at different times we cannot guarantee to match finishes.


Everything we do is bespoke – we do not manufacture anything in volume and hold no stock… All custom pieces under £1000 require payment in full up front before we provide specification drawings.  For custom pieces over £1000 we can accept payment in two halves – a 50% deposit payment up front, and then a final 50% payment when we have completed your order and are ready to despatch – we send photographs for approval. We accept credit cards via etsy/paypal, cash, cheques or bank transfers.


You have 3 business days to cancel your custom order and have your deposit returned.

Orders cancelled 3-7 business days after point of order will be subject to a 50% refund of the deposit placed.

Orders cancelled 8-21 business days after point of order will be subject to a 25% refund of the deposit placed.

Orders cancelled after 21 business days will be subject to a 0% refund of the deposit placed.

Due to the bespoke nature of our business and because our furniture is made entirely to your specifications and not from stock, once this cancellation period has elapsed it will not be possible to cancel the order or return the furniture after delivery.  Exchanges, replacements and refunds will of course be considered in the case of damage or faulty workmanship.


Custom furniture is not eligible for return, refund or cancellation unless the delivered piece is faulty in anyway.


If changes are requested after specification documents are signed off and an order is placed there may be an additional charge applied depending on the circumstance.  Delays may also result.

International Buyers:

All international buyers are responsible for import sales taxes, duties and any legislation which might affect the importation.

When international purchase from us, the amount they are charged will depend on their bank’s, or Etsy’s, exchange rate on the day because we invoice/list everything in GBP.

Data Protection/Privacy Statement


We don’t collect much personal information here at Urban Grain… just enough to allow us, and our couriers, to communicate with you throughout the design, manufacture and delivery process… your name, email address, phone number and postal address.  We store this information on a secure cloud based spreadsheet managed by Google*.

Once your delivery has been made we delete your postal address and phone number, and transfer your name and email address to a secure cloud based mailshot database managed by Mailchimp* so we can send you newsletters and questionnaires occasionally.  There will always be the facility to unsubscribe from this database at the base of every communication.

The reason we do this is simply because we want to keep you abreast of any exciting new products and/or services we have to offer, general interest news, special offers, competitions and feedback questionnaires to help us improve our little business, products and services.

We have never, and will never share or sell your details with any third parties and our couriers destroy all your data once they have made their delivery.


If you have (or do) ever email us to ask about a project we will transfer your name and email address to a secure cloud based mailshot database managed by Mailchimp* so we can send you newsletters and questionnaires occasionally.  There will always be the facility to unsubscribe from this database at the base of every communication.

As above, we have never, and will never, share or sell your details with any third parties.



Our aim is to deliver as quickly as possible.  We use regular, trusted couriers whenever possible and always try to deliver at a time to suit you.  This includes early mornings, evenings and weekends where this is possible.  If you accept a delivery date that you subsequently cannot meet, please let us know within 7 days or a re-delivery charge may apply.  Please be aware that if you wish to amend your order that it may result in a delay.  We would appreciate it if you would inform us of any problems with vehicle access or parking to ensure smooth delivery of your furniture.

If you would like to purchase insurance at a small additional charge, please contact us and we’ll be happy to arrange it. Packages usually arrive with no problems, but lost, stolen, or damaged mail can happen. We cannot accept responsibility for goods that are delayed due to circumstances that are beyond our control (manufacture and transport strikes, bad weather etc).  This is very rare but can happen occasionally and can interfere with our delivery schedule.

Urban Grain is not responsible for delayed, lost, stolen, or damaged items if insurance is not purchased.

International shipping may not come with tracking. If you would like tracking for your package, at an additional charge, please contact me and we’ll be happy to arrange it.

We will always ship to your Etsy or NOTHS address. If you would like your order to be shipped to a different address instead, please provide the correct address when placing your order.

We always combine shipping for multiple purchases. Please note that shipping costs for combined orders are estimates, and we always check for shipping and handling overcharges. If there are overcharges, they will be refunded to you via Paypal.

Please keep in mind that shipping costs include packing/shipping materials, although when possible we use recycled materials.


If one of our regular couriers is delivering we are more than happy for clients to give them their old furniture.  We work with a selection of local charities and clients’ old furniture can help raise funds for these.

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