Shelving banner Our bespoke, made to measure shelving systems are perfect for today’s urban dwellers. We have fulfilled a breadth of unique commissions, utilising a range of construction methods and building materials to ensure each customer's individual needs are met, storage is maximised and their design dreams come true. Several different construction types can be seen below: This is our simplest construction style. The shelves have holes drilled through the centre of the board close to each end. The pipe passes through the aforementioned holes and the planks simply rest on allen key collars set to the required heights. This is a really cost effective construction method and the heights that the shelves are set are adjustable. Each allen key collar fixes into place with a small grub screw which bites into the pipe in order to lock into place. These can be loosened and re-set at any preferred height, giving a lifetime of alternative shelving layouts! The pipes do mark where the screws find their bite, leaving small markers of where any previous orientations lay. We think this adds further industrial characteristics and gives each shelving construction an aged aesthetic as time passes! There is a slight rock to these shelves as the holes have to be slightly larger than the pipes but it's only a couple of millimetres back and forth and isn't dramatic enough to cause anything to slip off and if the shelves are evenly loaded they will be perfectly horizontal.   If you require a little more security for the shelves, extra collars can be added on top of the shelves to clamp them into place. You can see an example of this below...   The vertical pipes can be doubled up front and back for a more industrial look and this construction method also eliminates the slight rock which is characteristic of the single verticals method. There's an example of this method shown in the photograph below...   Probably our most popular construction style utilises steel supporting arms which support the front of the planks around a drilled locator hole and then extend towards the back. The front of the shelves rest on long tee fittings and the back rest on elbow fittings. Again, this style allows for a large amount of adjustability as mentioned previously. Examples of this construction style can be seen below... This last photograph shows how the design can be tweaked to allow for different depths of shelves within one unit... we can extend the arms to the fronts of the shelves as well as extending them towards the backs... This technique is great when used to support an integrated desk and shelf unit.   Another couple of adjustable construction styles can be seen below... the first, the Sean Unit, shows vertical pipes passing through holes in the planks which are supported on long tee fixings joined together horizontally... a really solid construction, ladder-like and very striking... the second and third units, the Emilie and Brooklyn units, use flanges top and bottom to secure the shelves to the vertical uprights, all of which are fully adjustable...   A style which doesn't utilise pipe passing through holes in the shelves is shown below... the plank simply rests on horizontal pipe supports... these can be fixed to the wall by the addition of wall brackets wherever... the advantage of this style is that the pipe and fittings are more prominent for a more industrial look... All of the shelves pictured above use fittings with little grub screws in them and the pipe passes through these fittings and the grub screws bite in to it to hold them in place... we also use another type of 'threaded' fittings which look great, but it does mean that the shelves are fixed in position...   ... several different construction aesthetics can be achieved with threaded fittings (and threaded pipes) and examples of these can be seen below...   We have also made other styles of shelves and shelving units... we love to get requests for other designs!  We design and make everything to order so anything is possible...   Don’t hesitate to enquire about new possibilities, we relish the opportunity to explore new designs and constructions. Contact us here for a tailored quote, find previous shelving solutions in our Etsy Shop.