Industrial reclaimed vintage steel wheelbarrow planters

Khes Pair of Reclaimed Vintage Steel Industrial Chic Wheelbarrow Planters… These have a great industrial look with amazing patina only achieved with time and use.

These are actually the main bodies of wheelbarrows ! I found them in a reclamation yard… they were painted black and came with ugly frames…

I built fires in them to melt the paint off it, it was a messy job !!! But it’s totally worth it because the patina of the steel underneath is gorgeous ! Some of the black paint remains in the lower areas and I love it so I left it !

They have been waxed inside and out so they won’t rust when used inside, but I doubt this finish will hold up for long outside… they could be clear powder coated if you want to use them outside… but this will make them look shinier and will cost a little extra…

We’ve added castors to the base of one but not the other one… I like the difference in height this gives ! But we can remove the castors from one, or add them to the other if you’d like !

The price listed is for the two as photographed (one with castors and one without)…

If you wanted castors on both the price would be £690

If you didn’t want castors on either the price would be £590

The plants aren’t included in the sale !

… please contact us to discuss options… anything and everything is possible !