bespoke industrial reclaimed vintage 1940s stripped steel filing cabinet

Tall and Narrow Reclaimed Vintage Industrial 1940s Stripped Steel 15 Drawer Filing Cabinet… It has a great industrial look to it with amazing patina on the hardware only achieved with time and use.

The whole unit is 1000 tall, 280 wide, and 410 deep.

Inside the drawers are measured as 375 mm deep, 235mm width by 20mm height.

It’s very heavy duty and would add an amazing industrial look to your space.

It took us an age to strip the enamel paint off it (using a combination of acid dipping and then lots of sanding), but it’s totally worth it because the patina of the steel underneath is gorgeous !

… we prefer to keep unstripped options outside as we don’t have room to keep stripped ones inside the workshop… please get in touch if you would like us to send you photos of unstripped stock !

… please contact us to discuss options… anything and everything is possible !