Bespoke mirrored door industrial material storage unit

Fiona Asymmetric Mirrored Door and Reclaimed Scaffolding Board Hall Unit with internal shoe storage and a reclaimed tread-plate top – Its slim vintage industrial design works perfectly in a sophisticated hallway.

This unit can be made to measure to your own specifications. The one pictured here is 952mm wide x 800mm high x 245mm deep…. but the sky’s the limit… it can be made twice as deep, three times as wide, with 4, 5, 6 doors… whatever you would like !!

Our client wanted a more traditional looking small shoe storage unit in their hallway to tie in with inherited pieces in their home, but still wanted something a little contemporary… so we suggested copper tinted antique glass and rich chestnut stained timber for the traditional elements of the design… the contemporary twists were the asymmetry of the cupboard widths, the angle iron frames and the tread-plate top !

Everything we do is made to order and because we design and make everything ourselves we can easily accommodate any design requirements you might have… just contact us for a chat… pretty much all of our listings are a result of other client’s requests (as in the case of this listing!) so prices are indicative of a bespoke product – the price won’t dramatically increase because you want to add a few centimetres here or take a few centimetres away there – we’re not importing and selling hundreds of products of a particular size… we make everything ourselves from raw materials in our workshop here in Manchester… …we are designer makers, so can turn our hands to pretty much anything… we thrive on being challenged !

… we just love what we do and love to provide a great bespoke service… why buy off the shelf when there’s just no need to… we can create something totally unique for you !

Please contact us to discuss any ideas or obtain quotes…