Timber Finishes

We have 6 standard finishes for the reclaimed wood we use – 4 x coloured Morrells* oils, 1 x clear satin varnish (water based), and 1 x untreated option… these are detailed below…



natural reclaimed scaffolding board

The reclaimed boards are a generally develop a subtle mushroom colour after years spent on building sites… this is probably our most popular finish – either clear varnished or not… the difference is undetectable on the photos so we’ve only uploaded this one – but the satin varnished option feels smoother and has a slight sheen to it, the unfinished option is very matt… The unfinished option will stain whilst the varnished option is super durable as the varnish we use is a diamond hard floor varnish…


White Wash

white washed reclaimed scaffolding board

We use a diluted white oil to achieve this semi-transparent finish… although it’s a very pale finish it’s incredibly durable because the oil provides water and stain resistance…


Grey Wash

grey washed reclaimed scaffolding board

As with the white wash finish we use a diluted grey oil so the beautiful grain and natural colour of the wood shines through…



chestnut reclaimed scaffolding board

A rich warm colour which gives the boards a salvaged barn timber feel…



walnut reclaimed scaffolding board

A contemporary finish – rich yet surprisingly neutral – there’s a greyness to it that makes it almost monochrome…


We can of course source and provide other finishes (and there are lots of examples of previous commissions in our Etsy shop, but in the interest of sanity, we’ve confined the standard range to the choices above ! Should you require a more matt finish and aren’t concerned about stain resistance all of these finishes can be executed without the top coat(s) of clear varnish….

These photographs show 8 different boards with the same finish applied and you can see how the colour varies across them because the boards we use do vary… but this all adds to the character of the finished piece !

If you require any other finish – just ask ! We do everything possible to ensure our clients are totally satisfied with our service and get the most perfect results possible… We may have to charge a little extra for additional sampling and postage costs, but it’s a small price to pay for the perfect finish !


* Morrells is a strong independent brand trusted by over 7000 discerning customers across the UK and beyond… from the great cabinet makers of the early 1900s to today’s high-end furniture manufacturers and the grand designs of modern retail interiors.  They are the largest manufacturer of high-performance interior wood finishes in the UK…


In January 2012 Morrells were proud to receive a royal warrant for wood finishes from her Majesty the Queen.

Their passion is bringing new products to market; more efficient, better performing, more environment friendly products their customers really value. Morrells’ success has been built on clever formulations that simply work better than anything else… the largest range of top quality wood finishes in the UK and Ireland with the most consistent supply record has contributed to the success of a truly unique brand.