We are passionate about the environment and the community which surrounds us and passionately believe that stylish design-led furniture can be created using environmentally friendly products and processes.

The reclaimed scaffolding boards we use has been de-commissioned from use in the construction industry and if we didn’t buy them they would be sent to landfill.

As a company we strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible – we only ever use eco-friendly finishes; we have a strict recycling policy within the workshop; our couriers ensure they schedule their collections and deliveries to maximise the use of space in their vans to reduce the pollution caused in the transportation of goods; we use recycled packaging whenever possible; and we use off-cuts of wood to generate most of the heat needed to keep our kiln dried timber and clever joiners warm in our workshop.

We also help our clients to send their old furniture to local charities and recycling initiatives and can often organise to do this on their behalf if they don’t have time or the resource to transport their pieces.

Photography by Andreas Andrews Photography