Five Storey Town House



I’m delighted to be writing about the wonderful opportunity we have been given to furnish a stunning five storey town house in the centre of Manchester.

We started the process with a site analysis and then began to brainstorm ideas for each individual room. Below you can see some rough sketches from the beginning of the design process. It was great that we could work so closely with the clients as the house was only 30 minutes from our workshop


As well as sketches we also pulled together an online ‘Pinterest’ ideas board to give the family lots of ideas and inspiration… You can follow the link below to the pinterest board that was created here –

As the designs became more concrete we moved on to digital artwork in order to officially sign off the specifications…

Currently we have completed designs and installed 5 stunning pieces: 2 bedside tables; a wardrobe unit; a dressing table with mirror; and a mirror with a layered timber frame… check out the photos below…

The tables shown above are made using reclaimed manhole covers, scaffolding pipe and fixings.


This wardrobe system shows how powder coating a few of the fittings can really make the furniture ‘pop’ – our clients’ “Manchester United” inspired colour scheme was visually striking !





An industrial take on an old fashioned dressing table design… we couldn’t have engineered a more perfect reflection in the mirror if we had tried !

We carefully layered up a variety of wood and steel strips to create this stunning mitred mirror frame !


Our clients (as well as ourselves) are delighted with the results so far and this project will continue in to the New Year… so stayed tuned for more updates… we are hoping to be delivering some of the following ideas…



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