Aesthetics of Reclaimed Boards

The reclaimed scaffolding boards which we use for the majority of our commissions are super quirky and no two are ever the same. They have had a colourful life on building sites and often display some of the following "imperfections". We think these are actually "perfections" and the reason the timber has so much character and appeal!  We know that some of these may or may not be to everyones' taste though so we ask our clients to read this page and indicate which characteristics they love or hate!   IMG_8269 Remnants of paint the scaffolding company use to identify their boards...   IMG_5928 Metal bracing which is pneumatically applied to the ends of the boards to guard against them splitting... it's almost flush with the surface of the wood, but not quite, so we don't use boards with this strapping in it if it would be likely to affect the finished products performance eg on a table where it would make a plate or glass unstable...   IMG_8158 The marks left in the wood once the metal strapping in the photograph above has been removed...   IMG_3299 Distressed metal 'End Band' used by scaffolding yards to identify their boards...   IMG_5927 Nail holes in the end of the boards once the 'End Band' has been removed...   IMG_4060 Splits in the wood...   IMG_1609 'Biscuit Stitching' We use this to strengthen splits in the boards or just for decorative purposes !   DSC_0171 Rust Stains...   IMG_3990 Chunks of wood missing !   IMG_1601 Saw marks...   IMG_2039 Variations in colour...   IMG_7983 Burn marks...